Teaching and Learning Supports for North Island College Instructors
Teach Anywhere: Site, Stats and Supports

Teach Anywhere: Site, Stats and Supports

It has been a little over a year this website was created and built for North Island College instructors to suppprt them with teaching, learning and the changes encountered with digital formats. 

This site is quickly becoming the core landing spot for all resources and information for the Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation. Come back often as new components will be added on topics such as program review process, multiple modalities for teaching, checklist for components of a quality online course, and resources for Trades and Technical programs. 

In the past year there have been 2135 visits to the site taking in over 8000 views of the pages. The most visited months are September and January. As of August 21, 2021, there were 91 pages and 32 posts of information.

The top 10 pages visited in the past year are: the Home Page/Archives of Posts, BBLearn: Instructor DIY, Blackboard Learn, Kaltura, Ungrading, Assessment: Focused, Simple and Aligned Ideas, BlueJeans, NIC Workshops + Sessions, Non-Disposable Assignments, Learning Technologies

Thanks to everyone who lands here and finds something of use – the site will continue to grow and evolve as we journey forwards with teaching and learning.


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