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Kaltura: Channels

Channels are collections of videos that various users can publish to so others can see what is being produced. Think of a channel like a repository of videos for a specific group of people. Only those who have been given access to the channel can see the videos. In Blackboard Learn a channel is like a “Media Gallery” for a course whereby only the students in that course can see the videos shared with them. A channel is outside of Blackboard Learn and is of most interest to users in an employee group who may wish to see work going on regarding video production on a certain topic. Channels are NOT public. A channel becomes public when the videos are added to a “Gallery” that is administrated by the CTLI/IT group. Galleries appear on the drop down menus in NIC MediaSpace and contain public groupings of videos for anyone to view.

How to Create, Set and Delete a MediaSpace Channel

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