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Learning Technologies


At North Island College, faculty and students have a collection of four key learning technologies to use for teaching and learning. Follow the links beside each to a page on this site with more details.

** NIC Learning Technology Platforms: Support Links for Students and Instructors** NIC PDF (this is a 2 page summary of each of the four platforms, where to log in, where to find help etc.)

  • Learning Management System (LMS) = Blackboard LEARN | More Info 
  • Web Conferencing Platform = BlueJeans | More Info
  • Video Streaming and Storage Platform = Kaltura NIC MediaSpace | More Info
  • Blogging and Microsite Platform = WordPress | More Info


Learning Technologies Beyond Blackboard Learn

Often we call the learning management system (Blackboard Learn), the “walled garden” because it requires a password and login and often has a limited set of interactions and collaborations you can do for learner engagement. Often we need to move beyond Blackboard learn to engage learners in collaborative, group, and engaging learning experiences. This handout outlines the suite of learning technologies that exist for NIC instructors and students, along with suggestions for moving beyond the institution to using web tools and platforms.

  • September 2021 NIC Learning Technologies Suite Tools – PDF Handout
  • September 2021 Outside the Walled Garden Links to Web Tools – PDF Handout
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