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Blackboard Learn

Blackboard Learn is NIC’s learning management system (LMS) or sometimes called a virtual learning environment (VLE). Essentially a LMS is a web-accessed platform where you find a collection of web pages hosting course content, assessments, grades, communication tools and other course related activities.

ACCESSING Blackboard Learn

Access to Blackboard Learn requires a North Island College username/ID and password. Students and employees can gain access through one of three doorways

  1. through the Blackboard button located in the top right corner under QUICK LINKS of NIC’s website
  2. directly through the link: https://learn.nic.bc.ca/
  3. once logged into your MyNIC portal (https://mynic.nic.bc.ca) there is a block that includes a listing of all of your courses which link directly to Blackboard Learn environment

If staff or employees are unable to log in or can’t find any Blackboard Courses to access, this is often because you haven’t been in Blackboard Learn before (please submit a helpdesk ticket for assistance). All students and instructors will have access to Blackboard Learn if they have been registered/added to the student registration system or have been connected to a course for instructional purposes.


Collections of Blackboard Learn: Instructor Resources



All of these actions are able to be done by the instructor and no longer require a helpdesk ticket or someone in IT to do the action. See first flyout menu: Instructor DIY Items for more details.

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