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What is it?

BlueJeans is a web conferencing platform to enable communication between 2 or more people and for up to 200 people via web-based audio and video.

BlueJeans requires the use of a laptop or a desktop for optimal connections and use. Smartphones and iPads/tablets can access BlueJeans but have reduced functionality. All devices should aim to have the best Wi-Fi connectivity or be hardwired into local Internet connections.

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Teaching Ideas with BlueJeans

BlueJeans was originally conceived to support work-related meetings for employees. . Tips for Using BlueJeans for Teaching and Learning – handout outlining components to consider when using for teaching purposes: Video Summary | PDF Version


FIPPA and Privacy

BlueJeans recordings are hosted on the AWS servers in Montreal, Quebec. The application has been approved by BCNET via a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for use by students and employees in BC post-secondary institutions. There is no need for a consent form. However, you should notify participants if you are recording a session and ensure there is agreement about how the recordings will be shared and accessed.


Institutional License

North Island College entered into an annual agreement with BCNET to purchase BlueJeans in early February 2020 as its institutional platform for teaching and learning. The agreement was renewed March 2022 and will continue to be our platform until March 31, 2023 until further notice.