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Content – Brightspace

Content means many things to instructors. This page outlines the various aspects of “content” and how to add, build, edit and access content in your Brightspace courses from copying in existing courses, uploading new content and editing content to managing your files and using Course Builder. Scroll through the choices and access a separate page with instructions (details, handout and/or video).

Bringing in Content from a Blackboard Learn Course


Cleaning Up Blackboard Learn Course Content after Brought into Brightspace

  •  Tips for Instructors to Clean Up Blackboard Learn – Instructions for all of the following
    • Clean Up Files and Content
    • Clean up Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions and Grades
    • Clean up HTML Pages


Bringing in Content from another Brightspace Course

  • Copying Content from one Brightspace Course to Another Brightspace Course
    • Instructions
    • Tip: Start IN the course that you want to build in (opposite of Blackboard Learn)


HTML Templates (Pages)

  • Starting with HTML Templates: Using and Editing
  • Editing HTML Template Pages: Adding Links, Text, Images and Video
    • Instructions coming
  • Course Design Elements that Enhance Learning


Manage Files

  • Manage Files: Uploading a Zipped File of a Whole Course
  • Manage Files: Tour of Tools and Features in Manage Files


Course Builder


Types of Content – How to Add and Edit

  • Text
  • Documents (PDF, Word)
  • Images
  • Web Links
  • Assignments, Quizzes, Checklists – Brightspace Items
  • Pages and Content Areas already in Brightspace Course
  • Video and Audio:  Kaltura My Media including:
    • Kaltura Capture Locating and Creating a Video through to Kaltura My Media
    • Add in YouTube Videos to Kaltura My Media
    • Add in Existing Video and Audio to Kaltura My Media
  • Google Documents: How to Link or Embed into Brightspace
  • Textbook Publisher Materials
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