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Kaltura: NIC MediaSpace

MediaSpace is a social video portal like YouTube. With NIC’s MediaSpace, any NIC student or employeee can securely create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos, presentations, screencasts, and other rich media content, anytime, anywhere.

Most of the BC post-secondary institutions are part of the Kaltura shared service offering of Kaltura’s MediaSpace branded for their use.

NIC’s MediaSpace is located at https://video.nic.bc.ca and is the ‘front-door’ into your account. We have also installed a Blackboard Learn ‘connector’ though another doorway into your media for use in Blackboard Learn courses. This page outlines how to use and work within NIC MediaSpace.

The following handouts have been customed for NIC users:

  • Kaltura Capture Video Upload to My Media via MediaSpace: NIC PDF Version
  • Kaltura Capture Video Creation and Upload: NIC PDF Version (this is a detailed step-by-step handout showing you from beginning to end how to use Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder to record a video, upload it, add in the publishing details, and then get the URL for sharing)


How to Upload Media

This video shows you how to upload any media (video, audio) into MediaSpace.


How to Add Co-Publisher and Co-Editor in MediaSpace

This video shows you how to add a co-publisher and co-editor to your videos in NIC MediaSpace so you can have other employees or students see your video and share it.


Publishing a Video to ‘Unlisted’ Status for Sharing

This video shows you how to publish a video to unlisted status (from the default private status).


UBC’s Instructions for using Kaltura

UBC Web Page


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