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Note: The NIC-created videos on this page show the new quiz experience (launched late June 2022) and the new content experience (launched in Fall 2021 as part of deployment).

Build Questions in the Question Library

This video shares a good practice of building your questions first in the Question Library and then bringing them into a new quiz. In this way all your questions are organized in one location and you can reuse them over and over in various quizzes. If you didn’t create your questions in the Question Library you can always copy them back to the Question Library. But if you can, build your questions in the Question Library First.

Create a New Quiz

This video demonstrates how to create a quiz in the Manage Quizzes area of Brightspace using the new quiz interface in the new content experience.


Associate a Quiz to a Grade Item

This video shows how to take a quiz and associate it with a new grade item and ensure all settings are aligned with publishing the grades.


USING Sections and Shuffling Questions

This video shows you how to create sections and shuffle questions within a section and also shuffle sections for a quiz. This is using the new quiz experience. This allows for each quiz to be somewhat unique for each student to prevent sharing of answers.


Quiz EDITNG Environment: A Tour of All the Variables and Settings

This video is a short tour of all the features of the new quiz experience and the variables and settings you can use to create and edit your quiz.


Question Library: Importing Questions from Quizzes Back to the Question Library

If you create questions IN the quiz and want to have your quiz questions be part of your question library (collection of all quiz questions), this video shows you how to copy back the quiz questions to the library area for future use.


Printing Quizzes

If you want to print your quizzes for students to take in person, this is the video for you. Geoff will show you how to ensure the proper settings are set up to print your quiz. Quizzes – Print Sample – North Island College


The following videos from from the D2L Brightspace team and as such will be updated with a NIC version to reflect the new quiz experience. Stay tuned.

Edit a Quiz Question During Its Availability


Restore a Quiz Attempt


Customize Question Delivery

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