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Kaltura: Playlists

TIP: Access Kaltura’s Learning Help Centre for very helpful step-by-step instructions or Kaltura Learning Videos for a collection of videosΒ  – both will present current versions of support in how to use the platform

A playlist is a collection of related videos gathered together with one URL for your users to access. You would create a playlist by going to your name in top right corner and clicking on “My Playlists” under the drop down menu. You would then click on “+ Create Playlist” aqua coloured button on the right side of screen. Add a title, description and any tags and a blank playlist will be created. Then scroll down under the information and see “+ Add to Playlist” and clicking on that button will bring up all your My Media videos. Click the “+” sign on the right side to add the video to your playlist.

If you want to learn more about editing your playlist, see the video below.