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Mental Health + Well-Being

This page contains resources and supports that might be of interest to instructors for their own mental health and well-being or for their students.

Institutions and individuals are trying to get a handle on what is happening through doing surveys, focus groups and feedback sessions:
–> Kate Lister’s Mental Health in Distance Learning infographic summary of her doctorate (Image)
–> University of Victoria’s Online Learning and Teaching Survey and recommendations for mental health and well-being (#5)

Teaching and learning support centres and staff are trying to share ways to make the teaching and learning more humane and attentive to supporting every learner:
–> Michelle Brocansky-Brock’s How and Why to Humanize Your Online Class document and infographic
–> UBC’s Transition to Remote Teaching and Students’ General Well-Being Survey Results
–> UBC’s Teaching Practices that Promote Well-Being site
–> University of Calgary’s Teaching and Learning Centre page on Mental Health and Wellness strategies
–> University of Waterloo’s Supporting Students’ Mental Wellbeing: Instructional Strategies website

girl bccampusBCcampus: Adapting to a COVID-19 World: Website

  • Includes: Mental Health Support, Financial Relief, Controlling the Spread, Staying Safe