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Grades – Brightspace

This page contains videos capturing all the workshop sessions delivered to instructors via the Brightspace Gradebook session. Of course, not all the questions or custom responses are included here but the essential examples and narrations of those examples are provided as reminders for those who took the sessions or those who are unable to attend.

Brightspace Grades – Formats for Determining Grades

This video outlines what you should think about BEFORE you start working with Brightspace Grades and Manage Grades area. It outlines the 4 ways to construct a gradebook and ensure you are choosing the correct format in the Grades Setup Wizard. Please watch before you work with grades in Brightspace.


Brightspace Grades – Completed WEIGHTED Gradebook

This video shows you what a completed weighted gradebook looks like. Tips on how to build a gradebook using weighted categories.


Grades – Grade Setup Wizard

This video explains the seven steps in the Grades Setup Wizard. Something you need to do immediately when starting to set up your course.


Brightspace Grades – Grade Schemes

This video explains the three organization grade schemes already set up in Brightspace and also how to create a custom Pass/Fail scheme for a particular course or program.


Brightspace Grades – Setting up Your Gradebook from Scratch (Weighted Example)

This video shows you how to set up a gradebook from scratch beginning with Setup Wizard and then building categories, items and checking that is all adds up!


Brightspace Grades – Setting up a Gradebook without Categories (Weighted Example)

This video outlines how to set up a gradebook without categories (if you have a small number of items and not require a category to hold them) but still weight each item. At the end of the video, some of the uncategorized items are converted to a category to show how you could do that when you have more items and/or need to change to categories.


Brightspace Grades – Tools and Features Once You Have Set Up your Gradebook

This video shows you some unknown tools and features of the Manage Grades area.


Brightspace Grades – Connecting Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions to Grade Items

This video shows you how to connect pre-created assignments, quizzes and discussion to pre-created grade items in the grades area.


Brightspace Grades – Completed POINTS Gradebook

This video shows you what a completed points gradebook looks like. Tips on how to build a defensible points gradebook and some of the pitfalls you could encounter with a points system.


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