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New Instructor Sessions

New Faculty Orientation to Teaching

This session introduces new and nearly new faculty to the teaching and learning environment at North Island College. The purpose is to enhance your understanding of the organization and the students we serve. The whole day is organized around four questions:

  1. What will engage your students?
  2. How can students demonstrate their learning?
  3. How can you and your students optimize learning?
  4. Who are your students and how do they think?

Participants will meet colleagues from across the disciplines, learn more about NIC’s culture, and review the essential groups, policies and resources that are integral to your professional practice as a new(er) faculty member.

  • Audience: New and nearly new faculty in the past few years (but we do encourage existing faculty to also attend for a refresher)
  • Facilitator: Liesel Knaack, Director
  • Date: Not Yet Scheduled
  • Format: Virtual and In-Person via Comox Valley Campus (TBD) *NOTE: We do recommend in person if you can arrange travel to be at CV campus but will be able to accommodate virtual. Please plan to attend the whole day for optimal learning.
  • Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm including breakfast and lunch
  • Register:
  • Note: Some short readings will be sent a week prior to the event for skimming to help prepare you for participation

Agenda from August 2023

  • 8:15 – Arrival to set up, get settled and grab some breakfast items
  • 8:30 Begin
  • Introductions, Logistics, NIC People and Agenda
  • Activity 1: How can metaphors be used for teaching and learning?
  • Activity 2: What makes for an engaged learning experience?
  • Activity 3: What do you need to know about assessment and evaluation?
  • Break
  • Activity 4: Can you help Brian with his teaching dilemma?
  • Activity 5: What are the takeaways from NIC instructors?
  • Lunch 12:15 – 1:00 pm (can also pop over to NICFA welcome event)
  • Learning Technologies at NIC – Kim Pfeifer, Learning Technologies Support Specialist
  • Activity 6: What metacognitive strategies do you and your students know and use?
  • Break
  • Activity 7: Who are our students and how do they learn?
  • Activity 8: What promotes quality student learning?
  • Reflection, Ticket out the Door and Feedback Form
  • 3:00 End