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New NIC End-of-Course Feedback Surveys!

New NIC End-of-Course Feedback Surveys!

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Course Feedback Surveys Introduction: NIC has an institutional survey that is an informal, formative set of course and instructor questions aimed to provide instructors with confidential feedback on their courses at the mid-point and end-point time periods. Course feedback is about gathering input on what is going well and where enhancements can be made. It is aimed to give students a voice to share what is working well and what isn’t and give faculty inputs to support the student learning experience and their own professional development.

Software: The survey is powered by the software product Blue and the company Explorance, chosen by the former NIC Learning Experience Inquiry Group. The software is hosted on a server in Montreal, Canada and complies with BC privacy/FIPPA regulations.

Questions: The end-of-course survey questions (see bottom of page) were used for the pilot and were written to comply with research (University of Saskatchewan, Toronto Metropolitan University) and reports (HEQCO) on what students are capable of responding to about their learning experience. They were further edited and enhanced by a group of NIC faculty and administrators to align with common NIC language.

Phase 1: In Fall 2021, a small group of faculty did pilot testing of the platform. Further refinements in 2022 and the first phase happening in Fall 2023 to 132 instructors in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Management and Health and Human Services.

Phase 2: (Winter 2024) will include all instructors and all courses for both MID and END-OF-COURSE Feedback Services. Instructors are encouraged to sign up for one or both of the services. Many colleges and universities have course feedback surveys and many do them both mid and end of course. The choice to use the service is optional – but highly encouraged!