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BlueJeans: Scheduling


NIC Template to use when scheduling meetings. This template is better than the information BlueJeans gives you as it more clearly outlines the toll-free numbers, provides a clear spot for the URL, Meeting ID and Passcode and includes links for downloading the app and tips for audio and video connections: BlueJeans Meeting Invite Template


Overview of Options for Scheduling Meetings

This video from BlueJeans gives you an overview of how to schedule a meeting via a variety of options.


Scheduling Meetings from Your BlueJeans Account


Meeting Options and Settings

Check out how to set your meeting options and settings


Differences Between Personal vs. Scheduled Meetings

The embedded video below will explain the differences between scheduled and unscheduled meetings.


Scheduling with Microsoft Office

You can use the Microsoft Office add-in to help schedule your meetings.


Scheduling without a Moderator

You can schedule meetings to no have a moderator present. You might do this for a meeting you can’t attend or don’t want to attend. See embedded video below or direct link to BlueJeans Video


Edit a Meeting (From account via web area)

If you need to change the date, edit the meeting options et – this is how you edit your meeting from your BlueJeans web account area.


Edit a Meeting (from Outlook)

This is how you can edit a meeting via Outlook for a meeting that has been scheduled.


How to Set up Delegation

You can have someone else schedule meetings on your behalf through enabling the ‘delegation feature’. See embedded video below or direct link to BlueJeans Video.

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