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BlueJeans – Tech and Mgmt Tips



Remote Learning Dashboard: For Instructors

Remote learning dashboard provides instructors with all the necessary classroom management tools they need in one place, making it easier for educators to navigate the complexities of virtual teaching environments so they can focus on having fun with teaching. Designed to save teachers time from the administrative duties of hosting a virtual class, these tools provide easy access to arrange students in gallery view or spotlight a presenter, share content, chat and so much more. BlueJeans Remote Learning feature allow the entire class and instructor to collaborate and engage with the information being discussed. The always accessible chat wizard, breakout sessions, participant reactions, intelligent highlights and multi-participant whiteboard increases opportunities for everyone to engage during a live teaching session. Webpage


Desktop App: Floating View

With the floating view feature, users who are multi tasking can continue to interact with the BlueJeans App through the floating view while the BlueJeans App is on the background/minimized. This eliminates the need for the user having to go back and forth to the App multiple times.  Webpage


Self-View Hiding

Users can now hide their local self-view while still sending video to others | Webpage


Auto Camera Framing

Auto Camera Framing allows for meeting participants to have their camera center their video on themselves at all times, regardless of camera hardware. Webpage


Participant Video Tile Order Sorting

Participant tile order filtering allows for BlueJeans meetings participants to change the order of participants within their layout by 3 different methods. Webpage

  1. Participant Activity (Default)
  2. Alphabetical
  3. Raised Hand

These options allow for a participant to optimize their meeting layout for their specific needs, and enhances tile predictability.