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BlueJeans – Downloading Recordings

Download BlueJeans Recordings: follow the steps as outlined in this handout – PDF Version

Few Tips

  1. Examine the recordings you have in your Recordings tab in BlueJeans. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Can many of the recordings be deleted? Can all recordings be deleted?
    • Which recordings must be saved? Why? Do you really need them?
    • Did you get permission from students to record classes? If you do not have permission you can’t keep the videos.
    • Where are your recordings linked into your Brightspace courses?
  2. Decision to Delete
    • There is a little trash can under each video, click that and the video will be deleted
    • If you wish to delete many of your BlueJeans videos at once, please see the instructions (page 5 of PDF above) to put in a request to BlueJeans directly to get a link to be able to do a bulk download.
  3. Decision to Keep
    • If you wish to keep a BlueJeans recording (note: if there are students in the video you must have already obtained their permission) you need to download the video and upload it to Kaltura video platform for storage and proper streaming.
    • You should not add a video as an attachment to an email or to your Brightspace course. Videos require a streaming server to provision the video in the proper size, platform and meeting bandwidth issues.
    • Follow the PDF Version of the handout that shows you how to downloading each file (or bulk download) and upload to Kaltura.
    • If you have the BlueJeans video linked somewhere – you will need to replace it with the new link from Kaltura.