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Faculty Update: Kaltura Video Copying Process Starting in March

Faculty Update: Kaltura Video Copying Process Starting in March

Kaltura Making Copies of ALL NIC Employee and Student Videos Between March 7 – 21: NIC Continues the Move of Kaltura Media from UBC to Montreal


Who is impacted?

  • All employees and students who use Blackboard or Brightspace’s Kaltura My Media and/or Media Gallery or NIC’s MediaSpace at https://video.nic.bc.ca to store video, audio or other related media files (YouTube, videos you make, videos you own etc.)


When is this happening?

  • Between March 7 and March 21, 2022- most likely week of March 7 or early in March 14 week


What is going on?

  • Kaltura is COPYING (not deleting, just making a copy) all of NIC’s 10,000 student, employee and instructor videos from its BC-hosted server at UBC to its Canadian-hosted server in Montreal.


What is the immediate impact for Winter 2022 courses?

  • No impact on Winter 2022 students, courses of instructors accessing, using or embedding videos in their courses.
  • No impact on learning, teaching or access to videos.
  • The only immediate impact will be felt by Brightspace-course instructors who will see duplicated videos showing up in their Kaltura My Media collection via Brightspace or NIC MediaSpace.
  • Notices will be posted in Blackboard and on Employee and Student Portals once videos have been copied


What is the upcoming impact for instructors with embedded videos in their Blackboard Learn courses not yet in Brightspace?

  • All video links will be broken in any course copied over to Brightspace (this is because there is a new URL/address for the video now that it lives in Montreal rather than UBC). You can either fix the links yourself when you build/edit your courses in Brightspace (if you have a smaller or manageable number of videos or just want to do things yourself) OR you can sign up to have your course copied over to Brightspace and the links to embedded videos (YouTube, home grown etc. videos that are embedded/added in your course content) fixed for you.


What is the future impact for students?

  • Students will see their videos copied into the new location (and accessed via Kaltura My Media) when they move to Brightspace or by accessing the front door to Kaltura via NIC MediaSpace: https://video.nic.bc.ca
  • Notices will be posted in Student portal and on Blackboard as soon as the videos have been moved


What should you do in upcoming weeks?

  • Brightspace instructors just delete any duplicates you see appearing in next two weeks. We couldn’t give a custom list to Kaltura to avoid the ones we did for you already.
    • Just click the box beside all the duplicates and do a mass delete – they’ll all appear with the same date so it should make them easy to find if you haven’t uploaded any new videos at that same time.
  • Blackboard Learn instructors teaching Winter 2022 courses ending in April or by early June with videos via My Media – you’ll be fine for your Winter courses but do let me know via spreadsheet link above if you want any of your courses to have a company do the re-linking of your videos.
  • Blackboard Learn instructors teaching courses or programs starting before May and ending in Blackboard by August – please let CTLI  know. In early June sometime you will no longer have access to your videos via Blackboard Learn and will need to use NIC MediaSpace to embed your videos.
  • Non-instructors: please just use the NIC MediaSpace location as you have always done – it points only to the Montreal (new) location since end of January: https://video.nic.bc.ca
  • Students: no impact, more info will be in portal


Repeat of Kaltura Making Copies – new videos created on UBC via Blackboard between now and May

  • In early to mid May we will have Kaltura go in and do a copy of JUST those videos newly created by you in Blackboard Learn (from now until early May) to top up your collection in the new location. This is called a ‘delta’ run that just finds those videos not previously copied over.


What is the Situation?

UBC is winding down its hosting of a “BC custom” server hosting for Kaltura’s product to abide by BC privacy legislation. Currently all 25 post-secondary institutions subscribe to the BCNET approved Kaltura video streaming server and storage solution.

All post-secondary institutions provide two doorways to Kaltura’s video storage solution (one through My Media in the learning management system – Brightspace or Blackboard in our case) and one through a public doorway called MediaSpace (like YouTube).

Kaltura was the recipient of a pan-Canadian contract to offer all Canadian post-secondary institutions a bulk-buying pricing solution for hosting video and media. In getting the contract Kaltura had to set up a Canadian server and have chosen a server hosted in Montreal via Amazon Web Services (AWS). UBC no longer needs to be BC’s custom privacy server and as such by June all NIC videos will be removed off its server.


What is a Benefit of Being on the Kaltura Montreal Server?

When we had Kaltura hosted at UBC we could only do updates to the platform every year. It often took a few days to happen and there were challenges because it was Kaltura trying to update their product on someone else’s servers. No ideal time was given and faculty were inconvenienced for a few days or more. And we were always many versions behind new releases and features. Being in Montreal on Kaltura’s servers they will be doing quarterly updates with the latest version and latest features. With quarterly updates often done in off hours by the company means less outage and less inconvenience to all.


Brightspace Instructors – You are Already Using the New Server but Do Not Have All Courses in Brightspace Yet!

NIC has needed to jump to the front of the line for moving our videos because we needed the new Montreal server connected to Brightspace right from the get-go last Fall. That means anyone in Brightspace storing, accessing, uploading and embedding their videos via Kaltura My Media (on blue nav bar) or using the Media Gallery is already with their videos hosted in Montreal. In December we manually brought over your videos from UBC and you are fine. But you will need to let me know via the spreadsheet above if you wish any of your Spring or Fall courses to have videos reconnected when we bring those over. Or you can do it yourself.


New Storage Limits – When Will Your Videos Be Deleted?

With the move to Montreal we now have a max size limit for storing video/audio media and will pay extra for overages of that limit. We will be asking you to delete old videos or those not needed on a routine basis. We are going to institute a purge of all videos that have not been played in 2-years with enough notice to all to manage this new process. This will coincide with a purge of all Brightspace courses that will be deleted very 2 years also to keep a manageable set of files on the Brightspace servers. (you’ll do your own routine exports of your courses to keep them longer than 2 years).

In this way only those videos needed for learning will be kept in your collection and videos not played in 2 years will be permanently deleted. If you need to keep a video longer than 2 years you will just need to play it to not be caught in the purge or download on your own computer. We won’t be starting this purge for a while.


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