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CTLI Instructor Brightspace Support Update!

CTLI Instructor Brightspace Support Update!

Sent to Instructors May 24th

Re: Important Brightspace Instructor Support from May 24 to mid-September

There are no scheduled Brightspace, Kaltura or any other learning technology training sessions this week (May 24) and next week (May 30).

Scheduled training sessions will resume Tuesday, June 7th and will be listed on this page when scheduled: https://teachanywhere.opened.ca/nic-essentials/nic-workshops-and-sessions/

Instructor Support Available May 24 – June 29th



As I’ve noted in previous emails, learning new technologies is a marathon not a sprint. You will lose it if you don’t use it! You need to give your brain time to learn something new so go slowly with simple tasks you repeat many times to help your brain learn. Focus on the essentials you need for your in-person, blended or online course and not all the bells and whistles. This might mean a slightly different course or layout than you used in Blackboard Learn. For in-person courses, you do not need to use Brightspace. More complex Brightspace requests or complicated course set-ups are not going to be supported at this time due to priorities and staffing. Keep it simple!

CTLI and IT have limited staff and we are trying our best to support a significant move to a new digital learning environment in the face of challenges finding people who want to work in front-line learning technologies support and training them up in time. We appreciate your understanding and working together to support each other. If you have a few moments in a department meeting to share your learning with your peers or can jump in and help a new hire with their course – this would be much appreciated.

  • TRAINING SESSIONS June 7 – 29 | Brightspace and Kaltura scheduled training sessions will resume Tuesday, June 7 and run until Wednesday, June 29th. Most times there will be ONLY ONE offering of a session or topic each week at varied times from 9:00 am to 5 pm.  If you are unable to attend during those times please let me know what would work for you. We are willing to do evening sessions. Scheduled sessions will be at this url: https://teachanywhere.opened.ca/nic-essentials/nic-workshops-and-sessions/ Jen, Terri and Liesel lead these sessions.
  • DROP-INS May 24 – June 29 | From May 24 – June 29th on MOST days there will be drop-in times for you to join and ask a question or get help. Depending on number of people in the drop-in session you may have to wait. Please come with shorter questions so they can be answered in an appropriate time. Again see: https://teachanywhere.opened.ca/nic-essentials/nic-workshops-and-sessions/ and use same URL: https://bluejeans.com/977224474/7894 Jen and Terri do drop-ins.
  • CONSULTATIONS MAY 24 – JUNE 29 | From May 24 – June 29th you can schedule 30-minute consultations with Terri, Jen or Liesel via submitting a ticket to the Service Desk.
  • NO SESSIONS | There will be no sessions, drop-ins or any Brightspace support from June 30 until week of August 22nd.
  • NO CTLI SUPPORT | There will be NO CTLI staff to assist in any way from July 1 – August 22nd.  Jen, Liesel and Terri will be on vacation and not checking email, tickets or phones.
  • LIMITED IT SUPPORT | There will limited IT staff in July and August to help with Brightspace. For those teaching in July and August, you can continue to use the Service Desk but please note that staffing is limited and not all IT staff know Brightspace.
  • TRAINING SESSIONS RESUME WEEK OF AUGUST 22 | CTLI Brightspace support, along with other teaching and learning support sessions, drop-in times and consultations will resume the week of August 22 and run until mid-September to get everyone up and ready for a FIRST full-term in Brightspace.
  • In August, CTLI Brightspace-trained staff will just be Jen Wrye and Liesel Knaack – and both of us will be focusing on sessional and last-minute hires. We will offer some sessions, drop-in times and other supports. We may not  be able to reach everyone so please be prepared to help colleagues, chairs should be prepared to jump in and support new instructors and everyone hopefully can work together to launch all Fall courses in Brightspace.
  • During summer months please consult the Teach Anywhere pages under Learning Technologies > Brightspace to watch videos, follow instructions and explore new things about Brightspace or work through the Brightspace Community to ask a question or access videos, instructions or helpful information.

TIP: Get your Brightspace Fall courses mostly prepared before July 1!



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