Teaching and Learning Supports for North Island College Instructors
Best Wishes for A Successful Fall Term!

Best Wishes for A Successful Fall Term!

To: NIC Instructors

The Teach Anywhere website is here to support you this year. Updated content and new resources have been recently added!

Let me share some of the top pages you might find helpful:

  • Blackboard Learn: Instructor DIYTen most requested helpdesk ticket topics you can do on your own!
    • This page has 10 actions you can do on your own without needing to email IT helpdesk. From copying course content to adding users to editing what your listing of courses looks like – check out this page of handouts and videos to help you with essential Blackboard Learn actions.


  • NIC Delivery Formats Explained – New to a teaching delivery format and want to know NIC’s definition? 
    • Charts explaining the four delivery formats (face-to-face, blended, digital asynchronous and digital synchronous).
    • Two matrices comparing teaching and learning ideas for three of the formats.



  • Guidelines for Recording BlueJeans ClassesDo not record your BlueJeans classes without consulting this page!
    • If you are recording your BlueJeans classes (or aren’t) – read this page to learn what your duties are to accommodate learners and how to respectfully consider recordings for enhanced learning. Also find a template of what to share in your course outline. Do not ‘record’ your BlueJeans classes without consulting this page!



  • NIC Technology Access Logins SummaryLooking for a ‘cheat sheet’ of all the login formats in one spot?
    • A PDF handout for new faculty or reminders for all key technology platforms and how to log in!




  • BlueJeans Closed Captioning and Transcripts Did you know this feature is on our BlueJeans account to help all students?
    • Remind students about closed captioning (they have to turn it on themselves) and if you record a class – don’t forget about the transcripts (under Smart Meeting Highlights App) and also found in recordings.


BONUS! Via a complementary website called, NIC Curriculum Development Resources (but soon to be merged within Teach Anywhere), is a collection of helpful suggestions for writing learning outcomes.

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